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Obsessed With The Excess

that's just fucked up.
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A place for the dirty, crazy, disgusting, offensive, amazing,
and just plain awesome images you find on the interweb!

Our mascot, Bloody Pig Mask Man:

  • DON'T PROMOTE OTHER COMMUNITIES. We won't just ban you: we'll kill you.
  • Post only the most awesome of pictures.
  • Size appropriately. Please.
  • No lj-cuts. Fucked-up photos on your friends page make you more hardcore; lj-cuts do not. Don't look at your friends page at work (or get savvy and filter appropriately). NB: We're screening these, so there won't be just terrible stuff there.
  • Don't post tubgirl. Everyone's seen that shit (har, har).
    Basically, don't post the stuff everyone's seen.
  • Don't post offended comments or start eljay drama. Have a sense of humor or go away.
  • Post nothing for which we will get in trouble. And on that note, don't be under 18.

Moderated by no_sound and boatingaccident,
who love you... and porn tattoos.

Our sister community, i_would_eat_it, shares the awesome
animals that make you go "awww! (awww! na-na na-na)"
Check them out, too. They're much kinder than us.